What is this training about

and what to expect

This training is designed to introduce you to the family system you have been born into. The family system is the place of birth of our unconscious life scenarios. The ones we have developed early in childhood ourselves as well as those which have been developed by the systemic conscience of the family system long before we were even born. Drawing a family tree can become the starting point in your life how to make your future be more than a repetition of the past family systemic patterns.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    How to draw a systemic family tree (37 min)

    • Before we begin... (3 min read time)

    • Genogramme. Getting introduced to our family system (23 min watch time)

    • Drawing the systemic family tree (1 min read time)

    • Family from systemic perspective (1 min read time)

    • Important events that can influence family tree members’ lives (2 min read time)

    • Sources of information for the family tree (2 min read time)

    • Before you go... (4 min read time)

    • Next steps (1 min read time)

Get to know the family system you have been born into

and have new insights about yourself


Benefits from drawing the systemic family tree

  • Awareness

    Drawing the genogramme helps to systematize information about your origin and roots; heps to recognize, accept and honour your roots and own story.

  • Knowledge

    Drawing the genogramme helps to spot systemic patterns affecting your current relationship, work, and health issues.

  • Next steps

    Drawing the genogramme helps to build the container for starting the journey towards a more present and happy life.

This training is designed for those who

feel the urge to get to know themselves better through the family of origin

  • are looking for support in building the family tree

  • are drawn to historical, genetic, ancestral field

  • are searching for solutions in personal, relationship, professional or health issues

  • are participants of systemic workshops and training in family or organizational fields

Iveta Apine

Systemic work and constellations trainer, systemic coach and facilitator, online training instructor

We start by drawing our family system, based on the information we currently have. Finding a place for everyone we know. And for everyone we have been told were born or married into this family. For the ones, we have met and the ones, we have not. For the ones who are alive and those who have passed away. The ones who were admired and those who were hardly mentioned. Because they all belong by birth or marriage rights.
Iveta Apine

Draw your systemic family tree

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