Family constellations workshop workshop in Zoom (6 hours)

October 8, 11:00 to 17:00 (GMT +3)

The family constellations workshop is opened for everyone, who wants to experience a family constellation, participle as a representative I the constellations of other people or just be an observer of the constellations and group processes.

We can manage 3-4 constellations per workshop

Please indicate your desired way of participation, when signing up for the workshop

We will work with constellations using the group format, choosing representatives from the group members, with or without the use of an online constellations program (depending on the issue). There will be a possibility for questions and answers, constellations will be explored for learning purposes as long as it does not prevent the internal process of clients whose constellations are explored.


Iveta Apine

Founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga

Systemic work and constellations trainer, systemic coach, and facilitator. Iveta's experience includes more than ten years of facilitating management and team coaching sessions, including strategic sessions; 16 years of business training experience on leadership skills development, coaching skills for managers, team management, time and goal planning, communication, trainer’ training, etc.

For active participants

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    Family constellations workshop in Zoom (6 hours)

    • Access to the workshop October 8, 11:00 to 17:00 (GMT +3)