What is this training about

and what to expect

Training is designed for everyone who really feels the urge to make an impact in someone's life. Systemic coaching attracts people of various backgrounds, from professional coaches to people who have had no previous connection to coaching, therapy, HR, or systemic work. You can expect new insights from this online training in both fields for you personally as well as plenty of ideas and a new tool for your work with clients.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Before we begin...

    • Before we begin... (2 min read time)

  • 2

    Welcome to the course!

    • What is this training about? (4 min watch time)

  • 3

    What is systemic coaching?

    • How systemic coaching differs from classical coaching (4 min read time)

    • How systemic coaching differs from classical coaching (13 min watch time)

  • 4

    What do we mean by a system?

    • Our life from systemic perspective (7 min watch time)

    • A client form systemic perspective (1 min read time)

    • Client and coach form systemic perspective (1 min read time)

    • Client and coach form systemic perspective (2 min read time)

  • 5

    Inner attitude in systemic coaching

    • Attitude of systemic coach: from helpful to useful (4 min read time)

    • Thinking and coaching analytically vs. systemically (2 min read time)

    • Systemic perception (9 min watch time)

    • Empty middle (6 min read time)

    • Empty middle (23 min watch time)

    • Key points of empty middle (2 min read time)

    • How to prepare yourself as a coach for session (5 min read time)

    • Self check questions to ask yourself. Discover which of the empty middle concepts is most challenging for you now? (2 min read time)

  • 6

    Working with client

    • Systemic issues and questions (15 min watch time)

    • How to recognize when there is a systemic issue (1 min read time)

    • A few examples of systemic questions (1 min read time)

  • 7

    Process of systemic coaching

    • Systemic coaching process (10 min read time)

    • Systemic coaching dialogue (37 min watch time)

    • Key things to remember when preparing for your session (1 min read time)

    • Systemic coaching structure (1 min read time)

  • 8

    Diagnostics in systemic coaching

    • Working with the systemic figures. Process (3 min read time)

    • Table top consellations for diagnostics (29 min watch time)

  • 9

    Interventions in systemic coaching process

    • Table top constellations, interventions in imagination, use of language (10 min watch time)

    • How to make a systemic intervention (8 min read time)

  • 10

    Specific topics in systemic coaching

    • Specific topics in systemic coaching (1 min read time)

    • Goals, potential, leadership issues, change and transformation, planned and upcoming future (15 min watch time)

  • 11

    Summary and conclusion

    • Thank you for taking this course (1 min watch time)

    • More resources for you (1 min read time)

    • Before you go... (10 min read time)

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Additional information

important to note

Becoming a systemic coach provides knowledge about two basic systems we are connected to – the organizational world and the family system. That's why before joining this course you are asked to master online training Introduction to System Phenomenological Theory first which is included in the price of this training (access to the theory course will be available after the purchase).

This training is for people who

are willing to apply systemic thinking and approach in professional life

  • want to become systemic coaches

  • want o use systemic coaching as part of their coaching and training portfolio

  • want to find a systemic coach for themselves or their company or team

  • want to learn systemic coaching as a tool for work inside an organization

Iveta Apine

Systemic work and constellations trainer, systemic coach and facilitator, online training instructor

I always say that systemic coaching is for people who are also ready, not just to learn the techniques and the skills and attitudes, but in a way who are also ready to become instruments in the process of change. In this training, we will learn a lot about systemic questioning, systemic listening, systemic dialogue, and in general, how to be systemically present. We will also learn specific skills, which are not so often used in classical coaching.
Iveta Apine

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