Solutions come only from one’s own actions. Suffering is easier than change.

Bert Hellinger

When we face issues, which keep repeating themselves in the same or similar manner, we are observing systemic patterns in action. Our lives are led by unsolved, unconscious scenarios of our family system. Excluded people, events, and feelings in the family systems over many generations, keep influencing our current decisions and presence. In similar ways, patterns also keep working in organizational systems. Systemic patterns as a reaction of the system keep restoring belonging, order and balance for the system and we as individuals are “players” for a larger whole without even knowing it. Patterns can bring benefits, but they also make us suffer, draining energy and limiting our potential. There comes a moment when we are ready to look at our own life as grown-up people to accept what cannot be changed and move forward fully taking our place in the world. This is the moment systemic work and transformational constellations can be very useful. You can find systemic knowledge through my video trainings. And live online trainings bring you to the place of new insights as well as integration of professional and personal experience. I trust that we can become an online community for growth, transformation, and support. Sign up if you feel interested to learn more.

Iveta Apine

systemic coach, constellations facilitator and trainer, founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga

Iveta Apine

Introduction to system phenomenological theory

Knowing is better than wondering

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