System-phenomenological practice

based on Bert Hellinger system-phenomenological perception and experience from systemic constellations’ work

At the heart of systemic work lies a deep understanding of system-phenomenological perception processes, knowledge of how systems keep surviving and entanglements keep the history repeating until the systemic truth is recognized and accepted. We work with concepts of personal and collective conscience, systemic principles, dynamics, and patterns. And we usually enter into this work because of very personal issues or symptoms that make our life or work unpleasant, unsuccessful or even threaten life continuation in general. Outgrowing our issues indeed changes our lives and creates a place for more love and life.

Learning options

If you are a person of discipline, start with video trainings. If listening to videos is not your way of learning, sign up for the next LIVE online training group. This is so much fun to grow as part of a group of people, experiencing support and exchange. If participating in a group is not currently interesting or possible, feel free to contact me for individual coaching or constellation sessions online. And also, sign up for the latest news!