Iveta Apine

The founder and director of the Systemic Constellations Center

My path to systemic approach, facilitating constellations and offering organizational and family constellations training, started with personal work as a client. It took a professional turn more than ten years ago after visiting Bert Hellinger camp in Austria.
Iveta Apine

Afterward, I have been trained at Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland, continued studies with Moscow Institute for Systemic Solutions and Consulting (Институт консультирования и системных решений, Мoсква). I have been studying with Bert Hellinger, Jan Jakob Stam, Bibi Schreuder, Stephan Hausner, Guni Baxa, Christine Essen, and many others. 

I am the founder of Systemic Constellations Center Riga (2016), an affiliate trainer at the Bert Hellinger Institute Netherland (BHIN), and belong to the community of the Institute’s systemic pioneers.

My previous experience includes more than ten years of facilitating management and team coaching sessions, including strategic sessions; 16 years of business training experience on leadership skills development, coaching skills for managers, team management, time and goal planning, communication, trainer’ training, etc. 

I have studied business coaching (2009), NLP (2012, 2003, 2001). I'm a professionally trained business trainer, my academic education is in international business and economics. I'm married and a mother of two daughters. I work and offer training in Latvian, Russian, and English online and in-class. 

Systemic Constellations Center Riga (SCCR)

A center of systemic solutions that fosters organizational, leadership, and individual change

Systemic training and consulting we offer are based on a deep understanding of system-phenomenological principles and systemic perception. New insights, solutions, and guided transformation is available for any living system - a company, department, team or management group, a family system, couples, parent-children relationship system, etc.

Phenomenological observations have revealed that the wellbeing of any system is regulated by three systemic principles – when everyone involved has equal rights to belonging; when there is a flow of exchange, giving and taking is balanced; and when elements of the system are acting from their rightful place in the system. 

These three principles, depending on the way and amount of neglect, create specific dynamics within the system, affecting everyone involved. In the long run, dynamics create systemic patterns that unconsciously run the system and influence all its members as individuals. Systemic constellations and systemic work based on system-phenomenological concepts support new insights that can create bright solutions for individuals, families, and organisations. Often, when faced with patterns in their systems, our clients are indeed surprised, often relieved, and opened up for new movements in their personal and professional lives.

Our clients

People of different ages, professional paths, and life experiences

Our training programs are designed for adults who are looking for ways to overcome their limitations, prejudices, stereotypes, fulfill their longings and live their full life potential. Our clients find us with personal issues seeking guidance with family, relationship issues, and existential crisis situations; professional issue encountered in leadership positions and when managing and developing own business. They often start with individual consulting and coaching, and continue with participating in systemic constellations workshops, systemic training on family and organizational contexts, and transformational practices in class, online, and in the wild nature.